CityLinkers Offer All-Inclusive Cayman Fund and LPF Assistance

CityLinkers, a reputable consultancy company, is offering assistance in various programs to investors in Hong Kong. These experts lead clients through the Cayman Fund Investment and Limited Partnership Funds, among other projects. Investors can choose an adequate program after consulting the CityLinkers team and getting familiar with all the details.

Cayman Fundservice includes the investment formation and structuring in the Cayman Islands. This destination is one of the most popular among investors because of the beneficial tax regime. That is also the reason why businessmen from Hong Kong massively start companies in the Cayman Islands. To ensure a successful registration, investors typically hire a consultancy firm in the early stages of the  Cayman Fund Investment. In this case, CityLinkers is providing end-to-end assistance. The staff of this company directs clients from the plan creation to its final execution.

The Limited Partnership Funds is another program that CityLinkers includes in the list of services. LPF is a private fund management framework that allows investors to register private funds as limited partnerships. The goal of this scheme is to improve investment management and protect the benefits of the investors.

By accessing the Limited Partnership Funds, partners will get more freedom of contract. They will not need a minimum capital and there will be fewer statutory investment restrictions. With the help of CityLinkers, investors can apply for the LPF and maximize the chances of a fast acceptance. The experience of CityLinkers accelerates the process and prioritizes the interests of their clients.

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