Community Marketing Webinar Platform

NOW is not a new Community Marketing Webinar Platform anymore. It’s a well-known software used by prestigious institutions in Hong Kong!

When UC. NOW gained enormous popularity in the region thanks to its outstanding features and Onsite Event Technical Services, most people thought that its fame won’t last. They associated the success of this Community Marketing Webinar Platform with COVID-19 quarantine so they assumed that its popularity will fade when life starts going back to normal and the need for online communication decreases. However, UC. NOW proved that it’s here to stay, regardless of the pandemic situation.

Various educational institutions and recruitment companies embraced UC. NOW and incorporated the Community Marketing Webinar Platform into their programs. They understood the importance of online engagement and they are willing to use it in their favour completely.

Onsite Event Technical Services make UC. NOW simple and easy to use. Even people with little to no tech experience can learn how to utilize the software without any difficulties. For any other problems, clients can contact customer service and receive fast assistance.

Working with UC. NOW means having a support team always ready to help with any technical issues. Some of the Onsite Event Technical Services include local software design and development. Event standby, technical support, and cloud storage, among others. Clients don’t need to worry about creating or managing their channels because the UC. NOW staff can help them anytime. Users can contact customer service; explain their concerns and they will get rapid help that will allow them to continue using the software smoothly.


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