Eco-Friendly Printing Services in Hong Kong

Hung Hing is a prestigious printing company founded in Hong Kong in 1950. Since its foundation, this company managed to bring innovation through an innovative book printing service that quickly rocketed Hung Hing to the top of the market in the region, which later expanded to the whole of Asia.

The success of Hung Hing motivated a devoted team to continue providing the best book printing service and encouraged them to expand their eco-friendly printing gradually and introduce new technologies and practices created for several types of printing services. Today, Hung Hing operates across the world. Its global influence is astonishing, while the list of partners from different continents keeps growing.

As an influential company regionally and globally, Hung Hing takes great responsibility for promoting eco-friendly printing services. By using environmentally friendly materials, recycling waste materials, and utilizing several practices designed to contribute to the preservation of the planet, Hung Hing set an example that many other businesses followed afterward.

Hung Hing collaborates with individual book publishers, as well as publishing agencies and companies as a part of its book printing service. This company offers children’s board books, conventional trade books for different age groups, and a range of other eco-friendly printing services that can meet the needs of any client. A creative team is dedicated to the realization of clients’ ideas, which leads to inspiring results. Every year, Hung Hing produces over 100 million copies of children’s books, while its other production lines also deliver impressive reports that confirm the trust and reliability of Hung Hing.

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