Explore the beautiful Harvard

Do you dream about going to Harvard? Although Harvard is currently closed to visitors because of the pandemic, there are many ways available to explore Harvard. First, you can attend online information sessions and learn about the academics, student life, admissions, and financial aid at Harvard College. Second, you can attend the virtual tour to discover spaces that are not even available on an in-person tour, like classrooms, labs, residence halls, etc. I have watched the tour and found the campus really beautiful. Third, you can reach out to current Harvard students and ask them about clubs, diversity, student life, school life, etc. Simply submit a contact form and a student will be in touch soon.

In fact, virtual info day solution is omnipresent these days and it is likely that one of your favorite schools adopt a virtual info day solution. Do take advantage of that and learn more about the school in the comfort of your home. Digital expo platform is just as popular in the HK workplace. Many HK companies adopt a digital expo platform to collaborate and foster partnerships. Check out UC. Now if you are looking for a trusty platform to host your company’s next big event!

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