Facebook Marketing Strategy 101

When you step in your online promotion campaigns, you may think of two options, SEO, also known as search engine optimization or Facebook marketing in Hong Kong . But which one you should use to maximize your profit. It depends on your campaign goals. For campaign goals, if you are targeting short promotion, broad audience or engagement with your potential customers, then Facebook marketing Hong Kong. It features all the three campaign goals above. Facebook have a large number of active users all around the world, this enables you to reach a broad audience in a short period to time. With the creative in Facebook, you can promote your new products or limited offers to the broad audience, increase the chance of sales. And if you already have some existing customers, you can benefit from Facebook marketing Hong Kong by interact with them to increase customer loyalty. On the other hand, if you look for long term online presence, SEO will be better. It helps rank your website high in search engines and increase the exposure, traffic and conversion in the long run. 

So what are you waiting for, choose either one to start with according to your campaign goals. Furthermore, for SEO, a SEO company in Hong Kong will help you turn the things more effectively. With a SEO company Hong Kong, you save your time and effort working on the SEO tasks and can focus on your business. For Facebook marketing Hong Kong, do not like SEO that need to hire a SEO company Hong Kong, you could do it yourself. 

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