Recruiting Global Talents with One Device

A lot of graduates would start their job hunting journeys in the graduation season. There used to be various information days in order to capture potential employees. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, numerous events have been called off. Overseas students are detained after their graduation. They have no choice but to find a temporary job there. It seemingly became another major obstacle for both employees and employers. However, it indeed creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to hire people around the world.


In order to keep the business running, various online platforms are launched. People start to get used to online meetings and the hybrid workplace setting. Therefore, a lot of companies would have their own virtual info day solution. It is very helpful for both the graduates and the company to get to know one another. There would no longer be any physical boundaries among people. Virtual info day solution allows graduates to pick their ideal companies without the consideration of location.


Online staff training platform HK would be the proceeding step for the company. The graduates used to have different on-site training to familiarize themselves at work. Therefore, the online staff training platform HK has been an alternative for the employers to make sure that their employees are ready and qualified to work.


A coin has two sides. Even though the pandemic has created a lot of drawbacks and obstacles for people around the world, we can always turn it into an opportunity with something we have in hand. Virtual info day solution and online staff training platform HK would definitely be the kick-off of the new era.

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