Lab Grown Diamond – Why is it So Popular?

LABSTAR is the new sensation in the world! This brand is integrating Lab Grown Diamond production, wholesale, and retail. It is an innovative company that aims to make diamonds more accessible to people that love these precious stones while advocating green jewelry and helping the environment.

The technology of Lab Grown Diamond has been in use for approximately 50 years. However, it took a few decades until experts developed it enough to produce quality jewelry pieces. Now, people can purchase beautiful diamonds grown in the lab in blue, pink, and a variety of other colors.

The process of diamond cultivation starts with the utilization of flaky or gravel-sized diamonds as seeds. Professionals place them in a culture chamber in order to provide the template of atomic structure, needed for diamond growth.

High temperature and high pressure artificially create conditions necessary for the formation of natural diamonds. Then, LABSTAR experts add graphite (C) or methane (CH4) as carbon raw materials to the culture chamber. After a certain time, the chemical bonds between carbon atoms that are in the raw materials break. Hence, they become favorable carbon atoms. 

The last phase of the Lab Grown Diamond procedure starts when the carbon atom structures attract the free carbon atoms. They attack the diamond seed and form new chemical bonds when they combine with the carbon items. Finally, the seeds grow gradually and professionals can harvest them to create wonderful jewelry pieces. LABSTAR is rapidly expanding worldwide so a sudden expansion of lab diamonds should not be surprising.

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