Three Rules for Writing Good Articles

For all the students out there, let me share with you 3 rules for writing a good article. You can even apply them when creating your IG post!

  1. Make it interesting. People are generally interested in stories. Stories help people understand and remember what they’ve learned. So, you want to make your article or IG post as interesting as possible. You can do this by telling a story or using a metaphor.
  2. Use specific examples. A good rule of thumb when writing an article is to use specific examples. If you can’t find a good example to use, don’t use an example at all. If you use an example that’s too general, it won’t hold any weight. If you use an example that’s too specific, it won’t help readers understand what you’re trying to say. Only if you use a specific example that shows your point will your article be effective.
  3. Have fun. Writing a good article/ IG post is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and effort. But, if you can do it in a way that’s enjoyable, it will be easier for you to stick with it. Some people listen to their favorite tunes when writing. Try and see if you like it too!
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