Surveillance systems

There are many types of security solutions in the market. To ensure the safety of businesses, it is necessary to purchase a series of security solutions. Endpoint Security Solutions are some popular options. They can quickly identify and eradicate endpoint threats, which boost detection and reduce financial loss. Since more and more people are aware of information security issues, Network Security Solutions are quite popular as well. To name a few, they guard firewalls, IDS/ IPS, and server technology. These days, it is common for people to store their documents and photos in the cloud. And that brings us to Cloud Security Solutions, which help protect cloud deployment and secure digital information. All the little installations like the systems of access control, security alarm, and CCTV surveillance we see in establishments are Electronic Security Solutions.

Speaking of surveillance systems, a thermal IP camera always comes to mind. It combines imaging and IP networking technology and can withstand bad weather conditions. The built-in deep learning AI algorithm of a thermal IP camera can perform impressive functions. Detecting, capturing, screening, and tracking faces are some examples. How is a thermal IP camera different from a visible security camera then? Well, one big difference is that a thermal IP camera can offer clear black and white images in an all-black environment while a visible security one performs badly in the dark.

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